Luci Hebert

Lucy pictureLuci has had a love of dance and performing since she can remember. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, she started dancing at the age of 3, training in many styles including ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theatre. At the age of 12, she auditioned and was accepted to attend Alberta Ballet School’s Professional Program. From grades 7 to 12, she trained intensely in Ballet, as well as Contemporary, Jazz, Character, Flamenco, and Improv. She knew from the moment she arrived at ABS there that this was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

During her time at Alberta School of Ballet, Luci discovered her love of teaching dance and working with young children when she volunteered for the preschool ballet classes held at the school during the evenings. Upon Graduating, Luci continued to train professionally. She trained with Visceral Chicago Dance Company’s pre-professional contemporary trainee program. When returning home to Calgary, she taught at local dance studios, teaching children ages of 3-16 in ballet and creative movement.

Luci is currently living in Victoria, studying at the University of Victoria in the Faculty of Humanities’, teaching at Leap Forward Dance School and filling in as a substitute teacher at Leap Forward Childcare. She is one very accomplished and busy young lady!

Luci’s goal is to acquire a degree in Linguistics, Gender Studies, or Psychology. She also hopes to continue to share her love of dance and to work with young children whether that means pursuing a professional career in a contemporary-based company, teaching young children, owning her own dance studio or becoming a child psychologist.

Luci’s hobbies outside of dancing, teaching and childcare include running, hiking, swimming, travelling, and rock climbing, as well as spending quality time with family and friends. Luci is inspired by the enthusiasm of young children. She is in awe of their natural love for music and movement. Luci is one true passion and purpose has always been dancing and helping others learn and grow, and she is eager to share that joy with the future generation of dancers and young children.

Leap Forward Dance School is lucky to have such an inspiring and well-rounded young lady in the house!