Lori Lamanes

loriLori is the proud mother of three grown children, Amber being the middle child, and four grandchildren. Throughout Amber’s dance training Lori spent countless hours sewing costumes, creating stage props and supporting the students, families and the teachers in local festivals and performances.

Lori and her daughter Amber partnered together in September 2013 to bring to life Leap Forward Dance School. With her natural talents and hard work as well as her positive outlook on everything, Lori has created an environment that is aesthetically beautiful as well as warm and welcoming. Lori thinks “out-side the box” always coming up with ideas on how to make things run more smoothly or how to better support the students and parents who are part of Leap Forward Dance School. Lori is who we can thank for all the beautiful photographs taken throughout the year and the gorgeous costumes provided to the students for local festivals performances and the annual recital. As a mother, friend and business partner to Amber, Lori has been the main driving force behind the opening of this exciting business. Leap Forward Dance School would not be what it is today without Lori.